GPS > Latitude: -41.123012 Length: -71.363586

Av. Ezequiel Bustillo 4788 – R8402ACU, Bariloche – Argentina, Río Negro, Argentina

HTL La Malinka is located on Avenida Ezequiel Bustillo 4788.
In front of the Nahuel Huapi Lake, just 5 minutes from downtown Bariloche and 20 minutes from downtown Cerro Catedral.

Nearby attractions


Classic and beautiful, Victoria Island is one of the main attractions of the Nahuel Huapi National Park and Bariloche. The blue waters of Nahuel Huapi, the green of the trees that grow on the coast and the snowy peaks of the mountain range that frames the landscape accompany the navigation. In 3,710 hectares, its beautiful nature contains different attractions.


Cerro Catedral, located 19 kilometers from the city of San Carlos de Bariloche, opens the way to the inhabitants of the world eager to experience the adventure that winter sports promise. At 1,030 meters above sea level, the Cathedral owes its name to the resemblance of its peaks to the towers of a medieval Gothic temple.


The Circuito Chico is one of the most traditional walks that visitors make and one of the closest natural attractions to the city of Bariloche.
Through this recognized Circuito Chico, you can visit the most representative places of the Andean landscape and the main commercial and entertainment points of this wonderful southern town, known worldwide.


Enter the forest involves an “invasion” of orange blossom perfume that runs through our bodies. The landscape is made up of old myrtle trees with very tall foliage and cinnamon color.


The imposing greenish stone buildings and the large wooden doors that surround a relatively small square correspond to the facilities of the municipality, the Provincial Police, Customs, the Sarmiento Library and the National Parks Administration.